Orangutan and Dayak explore, real life adventure to Orangutan, wildlife, Dayak people and unique Borneo and Indonesian eco-tours

Orangutan Tours

Day 01. Airport-Kumai river – river tours – Tanjung Harapan feeding station/village- wildlife explore. Arrival in pangkalanbun AIPORT(Iskandar airport), meet and transfer to Kumai, our home town then proceed by Traditional comport boat called “ Klotok “

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Dayak Tours

You are able to apply for your social visa; normally you has six months validity on your passport from the date arrival in Indonesia. You can apply for a visa on arrival 7 days to 30 days in Indonesia that you are in fact eligible.

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Borneo Tours

Day 1.Putusibau airport- putusibau sightseeing-overnight. Arrive in Putusibau meeting service in the Putusibau airport- obtaining entry permit to Betung Karihun National Park

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Indonesia Eco-tours

Tanjung Putting National Park is located in the Kumai district of west Kotawaringin and Sembuluh and seruyan Hilir district of east Kotawaringin, Central Kaliamantan Province. It covers an area of 415.040.ha and includes several types of vegetation.

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Tour Programs

    • Orangutan Half day
    • Orangutan Tour 1 day
    • Orangutan Tour 2 day / 1 Night
    • Orangutan Tour 3 day / 2 Night
    • Orangutan Tour 4 day / 3 Night
    • Dayak tour 2 day
    • Dayak Lamandau Tour 3 day / 2 night
    • Dayak Adventure Tour 4 day / 3 night
    • Palangkaraya Tours 2 day
    • Banjarmasin Floating Tour 3 day
    • Pontianak Cintarum Tour 4 day
    • Pontianak Gunung Palung Tour 5 day
    • Kuching Exotic Tours
    • Brunei Tours 5 day
    • Kinabalu Tour
    • Jogjakarta Tours 3 day
    • Komodo Tours 4 day
    • Raja Ampat Papua Tour 6 day
    • Toraja Tour 4 day
    • Togean Diving 3 day
    • Flores Kelimutu Tour 5 day
    • Jambi Tour 6 day
    • Padang Tours 3 day


  • Welcome to Orangutan Green tours !

    ORANGUTAN GREEN TOURS is under Legal travel agent Company PT.BORNEO INDONESIA HIJAU TOUR-TRAVEL, We re a small local travel agent based In Central Kalimantan/Borneo. For over than twenty years we have been in the tourism industry and arranged and escorted tours for individuals and group with conservation principles and local community Inlcuding Tanjung Putting national Park for orangutan and wildlife, also all national park tours around Borneo, Extended visit and hiking trips through the national park We have much experience working with study and research groups – Tours,transport, Ticketing and accommodation can be arranged and escorted throughout all part of Kalimantan to visit remote place and Unique Dayak tribes , also customized tours through out Borneo and Indonesia best eco-tourism destination. we could be arranged to suit most budgets

    We appreciate your interest in our local travel service and are willing to work with you to arrange a tour that meets your needs. Please review the following suggested itineraries that have met with success from documentary and film crews (Indonesia eco-tours.Australia , 2 programs Channel 7,etc), government agencies, non-governmental organizations Including oranutan foundation australia(AOF), and sailors from over 850 yachts in the past 7 years (committee board), also Orion Cruise expedition since 2011-2013 (over 1800 partipant) and confirmly booked 3 TIMES VISIT 2014 for ORION NATIONAL GEOGRAFIC CRUISE

    If you have special need or requirement please talk or Email Us as we re sure we will be able to assist..! : (untuk wisatawan indonesia silahkan KLIK : WISNUS )

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    (Dayak village of Pasir Panjang, cultural and forest conservation village)
    Branch Office : Jl, H.M.Idris 06. Kumai Hulu. Kumai Pangkalanbun Post code. 74181
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