Warmest Greeting From Orangutan Green Tours


We will  welcome you to visit the magical island and exotic Apes called “Orangutan”. We offer professional  and best services to guide you to explore Orangutan tour. Our Guide teams are know well the area and has been experiences many years working as tour guide through the island of Kalimantan, Borneo – Indonesia.

1 : 19 JULY – 1 AUGUST
2 : 09 AUGUST – 22 AUGUST
3.: 1 SEPT – 14 SEPT
Day 1:19 JULY : FROM SAMPIT TO KASONGAN AND TUMBANG ANOI By car 4×4 from Sampit to Tumbang Anoi, we will pass Tumbang Manggu new Long House and see Sandung, house of bone. Need around 6-8 hour. Stay in Tumbang Anoi long house/local people house (coz the owner of long house somtime not aviable).
 Day 2:20 JULY : TUMBANG KORIK FOREST TREKKING By car 4×4 from Tumbang Anoi to Tumbang Korik need 2 hour by car or by boad (depend condition), trecking in jungle in Tumbang Korik. Stay in Tumbang Korik long house/local people house (coz condition of long house not really good for sleep).
 Day 3:21 JULY : KALAWEIT CARE CENTER / GIBBON REHABILITATION CENTER-> change to Upon Batu/Batu Suli and Waterfall After stay in tumbang korik go to Batu Suli we will see stone like an Eagle after that go to Batu Mahasur Waterfall Go to Kuala Kurun and sleep at Kuala Kurun
 Day 4:22 JULY : GOING TO TUMBANG MIRI -> change Go To Tb Malahoi Go to Malohoi Long house need around 4-5 hour depand by condition road. Stay in Malahoi and seight seing the village
 Day 5:23 JULY : FROM TUMBANG MIRI TO TEWAH -> change Trecking in Tb Malahoi Long House At morning we will trecking in forest see what kind of iron wood, about 4-5 hour. If posible we will used bamboo rafting. At night enjoy with local people dance
Day 6:24 JULY : FROM TEWAH TO TUMBANG MALAHOI-> change Orang utan at Bapalas/Kaja Island Goto Tangkiling and stay at Eco village – artistic guest house. See orang utan at Bapalas/Kaja Island, at evening climb Tangkiling hill enjoy sunset
 Day 7:25 JULY : TUMBANG MALAHOI AREA-> change Palangka raya city tour Goto Palangka raya, stay at bukit raya guest house (own by Swedish) go to Museum and by klotok seeight seing activity local people
 Day 8:26 JULY : FROM TUMBANG MALAHOI TO TUMBANG JUTUH AND PALANGKARAYA-> change Sabangau National Park Goto Sabangau National Park and trecking, if lucky we will see wild orang utan, cobra and another snake or bear. We stay at ranger camp at national park.
Day 9:27 JULY : FROM PALANGKARAYA TO BUNTOI Goto Buntoi and enjoy local activity like tapping ruber and seight seing by klotok
 Day 10:28 JULY : FROM BUNTOI TO KUALA KAPUAS Go to Kuala kapuas and seight seing by klotok see local activity. Stay in guest house.
 Day 11: 29 JULY : FROM KUALA KAPUAS TO LOKSADO Go to Loksado need around 6-7 hour by car
 Day 12: 30 JULY : LOKSADO AREA TREKKING AND DAYAK LONGHOUSES EXPLORATION Trecking to loksado and enjoy bamboo rafting
 Day 13: 31 JULY : FROM LOKSADO TO BANJARMASIN Sleep at night at Banjarmasin and see floating market at early morning and enjoy canal tour.
 Rate Includes :
1 night at Long House at Tb Manggu/Anoi 1 Night at Long House at Tb Korik
1 Night at Adelin Hotel at Kuala Kurun 1 Night at Malahoi long house
1 Night at Eco Village at Sei Gohong
1 Night at Bukit Raya Guest House at Palangka Raya
1 Night at Bamboo House at Buntoi
1 Night at Guest House near river at Kapuas
1 Night at Guest House at Loksado
1 Night at Vicoria Hotel at Banjarmasin
 All Car transport Meal Refresh (snack+mineral water) Mosquito nets Tours as per itinerary English Speaking Guide Entrance & Donation fees All transfers (including Meals as per itinerary (BLD), Drinks Aqua, Tea, Coffee, as per itinerary Accommodation, as per itinerary Mosquito nets Tours as per itinerary English Speaking Guide Entrance & Donation fees
 Rate Excludes : Soft & Alcoholic drinks Airport Tax Other flight than mentioned Camera fees in National Park Insurance and or Health Care expenses Personal Needs Everything which is not mentioned in the program
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PT BORNEO INDONESIA HIJAU TOURS CENTRAL KALIMANTAN Phone : +62 8125086105 – +62 8567434414 Email : indoecotours@gmail.comPersonal contact : Herman Herry R.