Why Travel With Us?

Why Travel With Orangutangreentours.com ?

Based tourism activities and the social environment, or tourism (ecotourism) develops rapidly and significantly in the last decade. One of them is the high interest orangutan tour, or orangutan trip, to witness the life of orangutans in their natural habitat, one – the only great apes in Asia, which is also the pride of Indonesian wildlife.

Klotok (3)Orangutan Green Tour established on the basis of experience and in-depth observation of how to synergies a sightseeing trip in the form of orangutan tour to the jungles of Borneo to the will and needs of the client, with the principle – the principle of ecotourism and good communication so as to produce a true journey – really memorable and give meaning.Our main concern is to support the sustainability of the natural (sustainability) and conservation, providing the best service to clients, as well as improve the social economic prosperity through tourism activities that we run.The reason for choosing a travel along Orangutan Green Tour.

Armed with the knowledge, experience, our professional tour guide, and a good relationship that we have built together with clients, we strive to provide the best service in a professional manner in the course with you. True hospitality that characterize the nation’s main Indonesia and sincerity that upheld the people of Borneo is the main basis of our service to you.

Free yourself during the holiday time of attachment! We provide basic itinerary to you, but you can freely communicate your wishes to the agenda and our crew on the ground with fixed abide by the norms, rules and safety standards applicable.

With feedback and testimonials that we have received from clients – clients who have traveled with us, we strongly believe that the service we provide is the best. The key is we want to listen to your wishes in detail, and as much as possible to synchronize all of them in the services we provide, always there will be the added value of each of our services to clients.