Orangutan Green Team

Orangutan Green Team  (OGT) FoundationOrangutan-Green-team-6-768x444

Ecotourism- Forest Protection and conservation-Local community Trainning and Education

Orangutan Green toursin managing activities,committed to responsible travel and ecotourism to support to save orangutan, forest protection – conservation and   local community also traveller it self.we have been doing this for years and in mantainance this activities through our local team  pioneering by Orangutan green tours founder Mr. Herman Herry Roustaman.SH. and the fund to support these programs is taken from our Travel profit, founder private fund and our guest participation.

The some activities that we ever made:

1. Community


  • Local community trainning and education to be Ecotour guide since 2002.
  • To help local guide to start their small business in ecotourism.
  • Encourage local community specially around tanjung puting national park to manage their boat and participate in Ecotourism.
  • Giving soft loan to built and fund their Klotok/Boat since 2004 – 2010 As the founder also was the head of Tourist boat association.
  • Our programs also to accomodate students specially high shcool student from our area to Learn and experience a job every year
  • Manage our program for visit village and elementery school including donation
  • Involve our staff and tour guide in any social,community and environment action.

2. The park and Orangutan


  • Involve in any discussion,meeting to share the idea and experience in maintenace good tourism and guide line. Also any issues of environment and community in the area.
  • Orangutan trek, habitat trail (1996) Cleaning river with Travel agent association(TTA), tour guide(TGA),tourist boat association(TBA), cook association(TCA).
  • Support study tour activities for orangutan organization
  • Donation for Orangutan
  • Buying land around critically park area for forest protection, conservation and ecotourism