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web4A klotok is a traditional river boat used to navigate the waters of Indonesia. Fitted with inboard or outboard motors, klotoks are primarily used for cabotage up rivers, transporting people and goods. Klotoks are found in floating marketplaces, national parks, and fishing areas. Depending on their function or how they are equipped, they may be called by various names.
The boat’s name refers to the noise it makes, “klok tok tok tok”. The klotok may also be called by other names, such as water taxi, or “motorized gondola” or “mini-trawler”.

Kelotok Orangutan TourThe klotok is a wooden river boat with a shallow draft.[1] Its size varies somewhat by use. Common sizes are 12 m (39 ft) by 2.5 m (8.2 ft), such as for a dugout, or 8 m (26 ft) by 10 m (33 ft) for a small commercial boat.[3] It can be even larger, such as a 55 ft (17 m) houseboat.[4] Klotok often have a roof, which forms an upper deck for tourists. The boats may be fitted with inboard engines. Klotoks have varying levels of accommodation, some tourist vessels may provide passengers overnight accommodations with sleeping, dining, and toilet facilities.