Company Profile


Company name                          : PT.Borneo indonesia Hijau tours-travel

Established akte by                   : Notaris  Teguh Hendrawan ,SH,MKN In Pangkalanbun

Trade name                                 : Orangutan Green Tours

Human right and law ministry    : AHU 39826.40.10

Tourism License No.                  : 556.3/908/BUDPAR-V

Company Tax No.                      : 31.689.950.9-713.000

Company registration                 : 237 / KTB

Domicile Permit No                    : 237/Pem.305/DC/IV

Founder  /CEO                           : Herman Herry roustaman.SH and Sunarsih.Spd

Our Service                                 :
Borneo orangutan-wildlife tour specialist
Dayak-Nature Adventure tours
Indonesia eco tours
Yacht service and Cruise tour  Handling
Domestic and International ticketing
Land and river transportation
Private Boat/Klotok-Private AC mini van-car charter
Domestic tour
Special interest tours and tailor made tours

Official website                            :,

Head Office Address                   : Jl. Raya Pasir Panjang- Kumai 911. Pasir panjang, Pangkalan Bun
Kalimantan Tengah – Indonesia 74111

Phone                                            : + 62 (0)532 2031736
Mobile                                            : +62 (0) 8125086105

Email                                              : – – (yacht-cruise)

Organization    :
1. Indonesia tours-travel agent assosiation (ASITA/TTA)
2. Indonesian Tourist Guide association (HPI/TGA)
3. Tourist Boat Association Kumai, Kotawaringin Barat(HKWK/TBA)
4. Tourist Cook Association Kumai,Kotawaringin Barat (HTMA)
5. Kotawaringin Barat Tourism Forum (FKPP)

Our own Travel green Project and Programs
For nature and forest protection , local community education  and ecotourism under :