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Orangutan TourBorn from the family originally from this mysterious Borneo island for most westerners and grown up among the poeples related with nature, forest, river and  traditional life giving the most valuable knowledge and experience to us.  In 1989 is the year we served adventure tourist for the first time, they hired our grandfather boat to take them on tours in remote Central Kalimantan river with very basic facility and nothing there  just to having our family experience.


The founder  Herman Herry Roustaman, Inspired from this experience so than in 1992 he started and spend his time and life as fields guide for Wildlife and Native Culture in the deep forest of  Borneo Island.

Later our family also known as first local people who involved as research staff and support providing facilities In Tanjung Puting National research center also known as Camp Leaky today and living around this area.

For years  experience actively on the field and traveling around wilderness of Borneo and around Indonesia  best ecotourist destination, the founder started his own small local travel service including yacht service. In the early 2006 than expanded to PT. BORNEO INDONESIA HIJAU TOUR – TRAVEL with our marketing name ORANGUTAN GREEN TOUR as our mission and responsibility to Promote environmental understanding to protect and save orangutan and their habitat. Supporting by solid local team known  as Orangutan Green team  and personally funded with this small business and save some money from selling our tour packages to support ORANGUTAN GREEN TOUR for Local community Education, Forest protection – conservation and ecotourism. The founder Orangutan Green tours ever worked as film production assistant on the motion picture version of Prof.Dr.Birute MF Galdikas’ Autobiography “Reflection of Eden” find her book with the same title, photographer and support for save Indonesian endanger species (forest planting, teaching, park assistant, park infrastructure, conservation and skill training, etc).

We are a local travel agent based in Pangkalanbun Central Kalimantan/Borneo, offering wildlife, nature and cultural adventure tour packages with carefully design for safety consideration, minimize impact, experience and learning activities for best Borneo island including Orangutan tour, wildlife,  Dayak culture; cross from west to east part of this island and other Indonesian  ecotourism destination.

20140925_060825We could help you to plan and design your tour according your interest and suitable destination, you can also review the following suggested itineraries that have met with success from documentary and film crews (Indonesia Eco-tours, Australia, 2 programs Channel 7, etc), government agencies, non-governmental organizations Including Orangutan foundation Australia (AOF), Orangutan Foundation International (OFI) 2013-2015 and Sailors from over 850 yachts in the past 7 years, also Orion Cruise expedition since 2011-2015 for ORION NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CRUISE. We also known as Kumai coordinator contact for sail Indonesia 2006-2015- Sail2 Wonderful Indonesia 2015

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